The Company

From The CEO

The foremost distinguishing factor of GD is my own conception of "service." Building you the web site you ask for is not my idea of service. You may ask for a twirling logo, but our research may show your audience does not find that tasteful. I will provide you with another option while most other people would just take your money.
In every project, I work with 100% commitment to see your needs are met. Doing so is sometimes not the path of least resistance. However, it will provide you with the best results. To me, your business is not about how much you're paying me, but how well I can serve you. Great service results in an outstanding site with a definitive, positive testimonial - that lands us new clients.
The GD team was not brought together by a need, and then finding someone to fill that need. Instead, it was assembled from a group of outstanding individuals, each distinguished in their own fields, and more than capable of serving your needs to the fullest.
Each of us has a joy for what we do. I strive to make each project better and more efficient than before. You benefit from our own personal attempts for excellence.
-Forrest Corbett