Web/Interactive Design & Development

GD offers the solid tools, soaring talent, and skilled experience needed to skyrocket your web presence, delivering information to your users with seamless interactivity.

Does your web site portray your company's image professionally and save your company time and money? Do you know how to tell if it does? Does your web site do your company justice? First impressions are more important on the internet. Usability, return on investment, target audience penetration, brand recognition... all describe valuable features to the site's owner. From basic sites, to complex, data-driven, Flash sites - GD can do it all.

There are four main business practices (or policies) we follow that allow us to create breath-taking, functional sites at a fraction of our competitor's cost.
  1. Planning—Oddly enough, with many web sites, planning is often overlooked and neglected. Proper strategic planning can be the difference between an explosive site with a $20,000 price tag and a dud exceeding a six-figure budget. Most businesses are unaware of their site requirements. Our idea of a "good job," is based on how well the final product is received by the target audience and how well we accomplished it.
  2. ROI/CBA—We deliver proven methods to increase your ROI. GD has spent countless hours working with top companies to produce booming results. While some companies simply want a web site to aid their current marketing plans, web sites often incorporate valuable functionality which launch your ROI into orbit.
  3. Platform choice—GD does not pick your platform before completing a full needs assessment. Each platform has its prices and benefits. GD does not expect you to know which will work best for you.
  4. Flexibility—Greatly aided by planning and platform choice, flexibility of your site is propelled by GD's experience and broad knowledge of web technologies. We will study your needs, anticipating future growth requirements - even incorporating how your company can use the site internally to aid in workflow (such as our Virtual PointPerson software.)

World Wide Web

From finding your target audience to delivering custom video, GD can do it all. Need extra security on your site? Need to penetrate social networking markets? Need to manage your content? Need your site to improve internal workflow? No problem.


Wireless devices with internet access will soon outnumber computers online. Marketing for wireless devices has seen dramatic growth in the past five years. GD has the skills to easily allow you to tap into this huge and growing audience.


Starting a campaign which stretches across mediums? Save costs by streamlining your efforts for your video, web & DVD projects. We can seamlessly integrate all your multimedia needs.
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