Platform choice—Any company claiming that "Linux is the best choice" is biased. To the same extent, any company claiming that "Windows is the best platform to run your web site," is also biased. GD does not pick your platform before completing a full needs assessment. In our experience, the majority of sites will benefit by incorporating Linux and other open-source technologies. We're not alone in this - sites running Linux outnumber Windows three to one (source: Netcraft, August 2004.)
Dataspace—the information architecture of a site. Often under utilized, the proper use of dataspace subconciously stimulates users. The above example shows dataspace mapped.
Untilizing platform choice and dataspace are two of many methods GD uses to create results.
Most statistic software calculates "hits" and lists this as the first stat (implying most important) - the "hit" measurement is completely useless for marketing purposes.
After building hundreds of sites for demanding customers, GD has learned some good methods along the way.