This month, you'll gain a little insight into the way we think. By design, our skill set is very broad. There are many solution providers with a single area of expertise. This can either be in methodology or technical execution.

Sometimes I look at the benefits of single-track providers and imagine how nice it would be for us to operate that way. We could sharpen our skills in a small area, and do that area very, very well. We wouldn't run across so many unknowns, and would make more money.

Then I remember why we run the way we do.

We are a Microsoft Partner, but you won't see it advertised on the home page. It took us a while to want to advertise some of the technologies we use.

Let's say you're a client looking for a solutions provider. Maybe you already have an army of Windows servers and need some ASP.NET development and MS SQL Server administration. Great, we can help you with that.

Maybe you have a Linux solution already, and are working on expanding it. We can help you there too.

What if, however, you don't know which path to take? Do you go to an ASP.NET provider and weigh their assessment with that of a different provider?

More often that not, we find client's aren't entirely sure which path to take, and are also not fully aware of how each solution can work for them.

A big decision falls on your shoulders.

We lift that burden, and make it ours. We are not tied to one solution over another. We will simply pick the path that works best for you.

Hosting, application development, interactive answers... all offer many different paths. We use our versatility to deliver effective, unbiased solutions.